Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Counting the spots - WIP

neopastel and neocolor II on black card

Took some photos while painting it.

The original is available in my Etsy shop

cards, mugs, bags etc with this kitty are in my Zazzle shop


Rose said...

So cute!!! I love your process, Tanya! Have you tried colour shapers for blending? I've done some ACEOs in the last week or so and tried the shapers... they really work well if you use enough color. I see you have a new box of Neos :) They are wonderful!

Lastly, my website has changed to www.roseherczeg.blogspot.com and now and then I do the ACEO size, so thank you for putting my website on your site. I have yours listed too!

Hope the children (and you) are well!
xox Rose

Tanya's Irish Art said...

Rose, if you mean colour shapers with rubbery tips, I've tried them, but they don't work for me... I do use paper stumps and tortillons - I find them great for blending and detail.
I'll change your link:)

Rose said...


Thank you :) I have the tortillons and haven't used them, but I will. The colour shapers sometimes smear and that makes it messier.. but I haven't found the perfect blending tool yet.

I am continuing to try new things. Have gotten back to watercolor and have worked a little bigger (just experiments at this point). I always come back to oil pastels on black... it's like a magnet for me and no other medium gives so much satisfaction and instant gratification. Your work always makes me smile! XOX
THanks for correcting the link and hope you and yours are well. Your children must be getting so big! I have one in 7th grade and one in 11th. My daughter got married Sept 10th and my oldest son got married Jan 1 of this year. I can't believe how fast the time is passing!

Take care!

Tanya's Irish Art said...

Wow! So many things happening your end... Congratulations!

Rose said...

Tanya, truly.. the fun never ends :)