Sunday, September 25, 2011

My recent commission - "Almost a lion" is a portrait of Majella's cat (from Truly gifted).

Since it was a commission I kept taking pictures of the process in case Majella would see something that she wanted changed. So here is WIP of her cat:

Friday, September 16, 2011

My collection of painted pigs is expanding! The newest addition - Triona the pig watering her flowers, I think she has a charming smile:) The original is in my Etsy shop, and I'm planning to order some postcards with her too. She's also on zazzle (what a busy little pig:))

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My 3y.o. daughter loves painting and she adores pigs, so I couldn't help ordering a blank pages notebook with "Peter the pig" on the cover for all her endless doodles. Only a couple of days later and about 60 out of 80 pages are filled up with colourful puzzling images of emigmatic nature... - I love guessing what they depict, but if I can't guess - I ask... Unlike her other masterpieces on half chewed and yoghurt stained paper that end up in a bin, I think these paintings in a neat notebook are going to live a much longer life...
I must say I'm a "notebook-holic", whenever I see a new cute notebook my mind immediately tries to find what could I write in it... And as you can imagine I have plenty of them at home with only a couple of pages filled. And as a badly needed fix now I have my newest products - notebooks with my art on the cover! At the moment I just have "Banshee" and "Irish Pixie" notebooks with lined pages in my etsy shop. There's plenty more designs to come both with lined and blanc pages - which is great for drawing some new ideas and designs

Yorkie and hearts - ACEO

These are the pictures of the process of painting my recent commission "Yorkie and hearts". I always have an intention to "document" the process, but I get so absorbed in painting that I hardly ever think of my camera while at it. Since this was a commission I decided to take it easy and slowly and keep my customer updated on every stage of the painting in case she would see some small details that I wasn't able to pick up from the photograph.

Yorkie and hearts will soon be available on Etsy as postcards and a 5x7 print.

It's available on Zazzle on various goods - check it out here.