Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cracked egg study
oil on wrapped canvas
no need to frame
10x12 inches


Garden Painter Art said...


This egg piece is amazing. Oh how I envy the capturing of everyday life with paint.

Garden Painter Art

Rose said...

Wow Tanya, you're breaking out into oils... how do you like them? What kind do you use and do you prime the canvas or how do you start? I guess I'm full of questions these days as I am still struggling to find my perfect style and media. Hope the baby is doing well... all of your babies! Great job! :) Rose

Tanya's Irish Art said...

Kim, thank you! No need to envy - you sure should be able to paint yourself - it's all in practice!:)
Rose, thank you for stopping by! I love oils, I love painting still lives with them. I believe the canvas that I have is pre-primed so I just start with whatever colours I see. I probably will do a WIP next time - so you'll see what way I do it, but I'm warning you - I'm self taught!