Tuesday, July 22, 2008

oil pastel painting on black card
2.5 x 3.5 inches (ACEO)
On auction in my Ebay shop

The reference photo for this painting was taken by tanakawho from flickr (click me) who posts lots of fabulous pictures of adorable critters!

To purchase a T-shirt, mug, magnet etc with this painting please check my Cafepress or Zazzle shops.


Rose said...

Oh how SWEET! I love Yorkies!!! I'm starting to get the itch again seeing those oils on black paper... cool! Great work... :) How are you feeling?? Love, Rose

Ellen Haiken said...


Thank you very much for looking at my blog and the lovely comment on my work.

Your Yorkie painting really transcended any photo you might have used...Wonderful picture. I almost went out and got me one. (And I don't even like the little yappers.. I have a Border Collie.)


surface said...

I love this dog painting in OP. I came across your blog and discovered what is ACEO, and I start to create my first ACEO.

Would like to say thank you. Would you mind if I put your link into my blogroll?